Duration of power outages by cause (quarterly data)

<p>Information on the actual values of the average long power outages (SAIDI) caused by companies, planned interruptions or as a result of force majeure, structured by licensees for the distribution …

Duration of power outages by area type

<p>Information on the actual values of the average duration of long outages in the system (SAIDI), which took place for urban and rural settlements, structured according to the electricity distributi…

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Cost structure of gas distribution system operators

Information regarding planned cost structure of distribution system operators, imposed by the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) together with distribution tariffs. The data …

Foreign direct investment in energy resources supply (yearly data)

Annual information on amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) for NCEA (National Classification of Economic Activities) section D - "Supply of electricity, gas, steam and conditioned air". The data…

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Natural gas distribution tariffs

Information on natural gas distribution tariffs itemized by distribution system operators. The date and number of the NEURC resolution, imposing tariff, is also mentioned. Due to numerous consecutive…

Planned yearly gas distribution capacity

<p>Information about the planned volume of gas distribution during the year, which is set by the NEURC together with tariffs and by which all tariff revenues are divided, is provided by the cost stru…

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Heat losses in the heating networks

<p>Information on the amount of own heat losses of NEURC licensees in heating networks by regions.</p>

Distribution system electricity losses

<p>Information on the technological electricity losses in the distribution system of 1 and 2 voltage classes by licensees for the distribution of electricity.</p>

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Number of concluded agreements with consumers on the electricity distribution services provision

Information on the number of agreements for the distribution of electricity between consumers and distribution system operators (DSO) by licensee.

Data on the connection of electrical installations to electrical networks

Information on the number of standard and non-standard connections and the amount of the connected capacity as a result of the provision of connection services by licensees for the distribution and t…

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