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Information on natural gas distribution tariffs itemized by distribution system operators. The date and number of the NEURC resolution, imposing tariff, is also mentioned. Due to numerous consecutive amendments of Methodology for calculating distribution tariffs, in different periods, the tariff had different units of measurement, which are indicated in respective column "Units of measurement".
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Organization NEURC

Information on tariffs for electricity distribution services for each Distribution System Operator (DSO) for electricity consumers of the 1st and 2nd voltage classes and information on the NEURC resolutions that regulate the setting of appropriate tariffs.

The tariff is calculated in accordance with the tariff structure established by the NEURC, and the tariff includes economically justified costs and calculated profit.

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Organization NEURC
Information on coefficients, by which gas consumption volumes are multiplied, if gas meters of household consumers are not equipped with devices approximating the volume to standard conditions (temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, pressure of 760 mmhg or circa 101,3 kpa). Coefficients are differentiated by region, month and location of the meter (in- or outside heated building, etc). The data contains in the appendixes to the Decree of Ministry of Energy of Ukraine №116 dated 26/02/2004.
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