Number of employees and average salaries in extracting and energy supply industries

Information on average number of full-time workers engaged in extracting and energy supply branches of economy and their average monthly salary.

Actual selling price of natural gas

Information on the dynamics of the actual selling price of natural gas. The actual selling price for natural gas produced in Ukraine since August 1, 2022 is the maximum value of the following:averag…

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Financial results of companies by NCEA classes

Information on financial results of companies itemized by NCEA (National classification of economic activity) classes. Among the key indicators are cumulative profit or loss of enterprises of given e…

Financial results by enterprises

The file contains information on income, expenses and results of activities of enterprises whose activities are related to the production of goods and the provision of services in the energy sector. …

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Introduction of new technological processes and selling of innovative products

Information regarding number of new technological processes introduced by extracting, processing and energy supplying companies, number of companies introducing innovative products, as well as volume…

Innovative activities of industrial companies by sources of funding

Information regarding the volumes of funding innovative activities by extracting, processing and energy supplying companies broken down by sources of funding (foreign/domestic investment, credits, st…

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