Alternative fuels registry

Information on producers of alternative fuels produced (extracted) from non-traditional sources and energy raw materials. The file contains information on the fuel and its type; the regulatory docume…

Register of market participants of the DAM and IDM

<p>Information on Day-Ahead (DAM) and Intra-Day (IDM) markets participants with indication of the status of the participant (active / suspended).</p>

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Length and ownership structure of gas distribution networks

Information on length of gas distribution networks itemized by distribution system operators (DSOs) and types of ownership (state, municicpal private - in ownership of DSO or other companies).

Information on the territory of the DSO's licensed activity

<p>Information on trade zones within which Distribution System Operators (DSO) carry out distribution of electricity, territory of operation and DSO type (core / non-core).</p>

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